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When it comes to air conditioning and heating systems repair, Hobson Air Conditioning, Inc. is one of the most trusted names by American households.

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The company aims to repair its clients’ equipment at the first visit. It guarantees continuous work on a heating or cooling unit until it is able to meet clients’ standards. Included in its repair services is a complete evaluation of a household’s comfort system, the air delivery and filter system, and the attic insulation and ventilation. Additionally, the repair services provider may recommend tips on lowering utility bills, cleaning the air of the air conditioner, and increasing reliability and longevity of the systems. The company also makes sure that it is able to inform clients about any parts that are outside a manufacturer’s specifications and the necessary repairs that will be done for their systems.

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Hobson Air Conditioning, Inc. also offers a Second Opinion Guarantee for clients who weren’t sure of previous recommendations. Under the terms of the guarantee, it will pay for the diagnosis given by another company, which its clients chose under certain conditions: the payment should be limited to $99.oo; a representative from Comfort Experts must be present during the inspection; a representative from the company should be able to observe the technicians as they work; and advanced notice must be given prior to the scheduled second-opinion visit.

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