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As one of the leading heating and air-conditioning contractors in North Texas, Comfort Experts, Inc. can help its customers decide on a most cumbersome decision: When is it cheaper to have a unit replaced rather than having it repaired?

According to AirConditioning and, newer models of air-conditioning or heating systems will benefit the user by way of increased energy efficiency ratios and lower maintenance costs. In the case of heating appliances, older equipment may develop cracks, allowing for dangerous gases to escape into the indoor living space. With the increase in fuel prices and the dwindling supplies, replacing rather than repairing old units is seen to be a more reasonable and cost-effective option.

From Hobson Air

Comfort Experts, Inc. is one of the few contractors to be given a Class “A” contractor’s license, meaning that the company is recognized for its exemplary skill sets and technical knowledge in all aspects of HVAC repair, installation, and maintenance services.

The company can help its customers come to a reasoned and well-informed decision on the choice of having the unit replaced or repaired by sending one of its Comfort Advisors to their home. The Comfort Advisor discusses the options to help the customer arrive at a decision; the advisor does it in ways such as follows:

1. Measure the home, windows, and insulation to conduct a heat gain and heat loss analysis;

2. Calculate the actual savings that improvements on the home can provide the customer;

3. Inspect and evaluate the design of the duct system and its integrity; and

4. Customize solutions that will fit the needs and budget of the client.

Customers can avail of two options in considering whether to replace or repair their units: the Guaranteed Comfort and Energy Usage Option and the Equipment Replacement Option. With the former, the customer can avail not only of the company’s equipment replacement services but also of duct sealing, insulation upgrade, and electrical systems and outlet sealing services. The latter option, however, is geared for short-term homeowners, and for people with well-designed attic and duct systems.

More information about energy usage options can be accessed from the official website of Comfort Experts, Inc. at

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