Christmas list: Solar-powered gadgets for every member of the family

Posted: November 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

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With developments in the field, solar-powered technology is becoming increasingly affordable.  This year, shoppers can get these renewable energy-powered gadgets for their loved ones for Christmas.

For Mom:

Solar-powered garden table and outdoor lighting set – What’s long and wide, and sits out in the sun all day? No, not just solar panels. Garden tables, which often go unused for six out of seven days, can be converted to solar cells, storing energy that can be used to run a home’s solar-powered outdoor lighting system.

For Dad:

Solar-Powered tie– Revolutionizing office fashion, the solar-powered necktie is made of tiny solar cells which can charge cell phones and similar gadgets through a hidden pouch at the back of the tie. Because solar cells are black, the tie blends in naturally with common office wear.

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For teenage boys:

Solar boom box – Reviving the days when tunes where carried outdoors and on shoulders, the solar-powered boom box is a semi-electrical music system which can be plugged indoors or run by solar energy outdoors. It can also charge iPods and iPhones while operating.

For teenage girls:

Solar-powered sun glasses – These glasses don’t need solar power to protect the wearer’s eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays, but its lenses double as solar cells that can charge cell phones, iPods, and similar gadgets though a semi-electrical jack that’s built into the frame.

For young children:

Even toys are going renewable these days and for less than the cost of regular toys. For just $5, Santa can gift little girls with an educational, build-it-yourself solar frightened grasshopper kit which jumps around when it gets too much sunlight. Little boys can also get a mini solar-powered toy car.

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