Conserving energy throughout the seasons

Posted: January 10, 2013 in Uncategorized
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For home owners who are willing to take an active part in the management of their home’s energy resources, the changing of the seasons also means that there is a need for some adjustments around the house to keep the rooms comfortable while ensuring that energy is not needlessly wasted. Hobson Air Condition Inc.’s home energy analysis service revealed that temperature regulation takes up a significant part of the home’s overall energy consumption.

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Different seasons require roughly the same principle for energy conservation: Home owners simply need to reduce the burden on their heat and air-conditioning systems. To do so, home owners are advised to dial down a little on their room cooling or heating and seek other ways to increase the comfort level in their rooms. With even an adjustment of 1 or 2 degrees to indoor temperature, there are corresponding reductions to energy use, which translates to similar reductions to the utilities bill.

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For instance, home owners can take advantage of passive solar heating to add warmth to rooms by opening up drapes on south-facing windows to allow the sunlight inside. Additionally, this takes advantage of natural lighting and reduces the need for artificial lighting, further reducing their energy consumption. The opposite strategy works during hotter months as using shades and drapes to keep the warming rays of sunlight out of the house reduces the load on the cooling system.

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In both cases, improving the insulation between rooms is also recommended. Preserving the room temperature in rooms that need to be warmed or cooled means that the temperature regulation systems don’t have to turn on as often.

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