Protect your home from air conditioning unit theft

Posted: May 6, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Do you know that air conditioner robberies are on the rise these days? There have been many reports of thieves breaking into building premises—from homes and schools to business establishments and even churches—to steal air conditioning units and sell their copper.


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The air conditioners in your home are easy target of robbery. Thieves could attack at night when you are sleeping or during days when no one is home. In the absence of deterrent measures, these criminals could speedily steal away your units as well as your “cool.”

To ward off thieves, install lighting fixtures close to the air conditioners to keep the areas well-lit. You can also secure the units with a chain and a padlock, which would make it time-consuming for thieves to unbind and strip units off their metal casing. For added protection, each unit can be enclosed within a metal cage or a fence.


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If you think that chained or caged air conditioners could ruin the aesthetic appeal of your home, then at least move the units to more secure spots. You can hide them behind plants where they are not accessible to people, too. You can also use air conditioners with an alarm feature. Once these units are tampered, their alarm will work to alert you.

The current economic crisis and the rising cost of copper could provoke people to steal air conditioners. By being proactive in safeguarding your properties, however, you can protect your home from air conditioning unit theft.


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Aside from employing security measures that prevent AC theft, conducting unit maintenance checks is also important to ensure safety. Hobson Air is a full-service air conditioning contractor that installs and repairs air conditioning units. Read more about the importance of air conditioning system maintenance on this website.


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