Cooling products for a bearable summer

Posted: August 22, 2013 in Uncategorized
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As the summer temperatures continue to surge in most states, many are looking for technological fixes to help them stay cool as they go through their regular activities, indoor or outdoor. Some companies have risen to the challenge of taking the hiss off the heat by pushing the designs of cooling systems.

Below are a few exciting innovations that help keep rising temperatures at bay.

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Japan’s Air Conditioner in a Can— Ethanol, a silicon surface agent, is mixed with Freon gas in an aerosol can that provides cooling relief with each spray. A variant called the Ice Sparkle Freezing Gel releases a cold foam that provides a cooling sensation on the skin lasting about five minutes.

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Handy Cooler—This portable mini-air-conditioner makes consumers happily shiver with its cellulose cooling filter that’s to be soaked in water for a refreshing supply of evaporated air anytime, anywhere.

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Mission Athletecare’s EnduraCool Instant Cooling Towel— Consumers are to drench this performance fabric in water and snap it several times in the air to activate its cooling properties. Aside from having a prolonged cooling effect, the towel also has UPF 50 to protect users from the sun’s harmful rays.

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ChiliPad Cooling and Heating Mattress Pad—The control unit heats or cools the water, circulating it to the pad to regulate the mattresses’ surface temperature, so that users can have a good night’s sleep whatever the weather.

Cost efficiency and environmental impact are among the factors you need to consider in buying a heating and cooling equipment. Hobson Air provides cost-benefit analyses and maintenance checks to ensure that you’re maximizing the benefits of your cooling systems without hurting the environment. Click here to request an appointment.


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