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The relentless heat in the East and Midwest is more than a sign of global warming; it’s a health malady, sending some to hospitals and others in a desperate search for ways to keep cool and stay immune against heat-related illness.

The rising temperature is hard for everyone, but it’s even harder for people who have to work under the heat of the sun. Prolonged exposure to temperatures above 90 degrees can build up heat inside the body, which may then crumble under the stress. Heat exhaustion results in passing out, dizziness, headaches, or even a full-blown heat stroke. The best defenses against heat-related illnesses are adequate rest, rehydration, and a cool environment.

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In a period of stifling heat, health symptoms are not solely responsible for dizzy spells — expensive energy bills are also enough to make owners of air-conditioned homes lose their cool. “You gotta remember to save money, every degree you go lower you raise your cooling costs by six percent,” says Mike Clendin, spokesperson of New York City energy supplier Con Edison. In this article, he proposes some economically and environmentally benign ways to help people cool their bodies in the scorching months.

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People may also take the following precautions during extreme heat:

  • Wear airy clothing and apply high-SPF sun protection substances on exposed skin to avoid skin diseases caused by the sun’s harmful rays;
  • Consider spending the hottest part of the day in air-conditioned establishments such as cafes and malls;
  • Limit exhausting activities during the warmest part of the day;
  • Seek medical attention immediately if severe heat-related symptoms occur;
  • Maintain a well-balanced diet and drink plenty of water.

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